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Album: Unprofassional


Why is this album even still presented here in the first place? It's old. It kinda sucks. And yet it's part of my personal history and it kind of doesn't such either.
This was my first try, so all I wanted to do really, was to finish a couple of songs which I began. While doing so I noticed, that my music was far from what was played at the parties. My music somehow sounded strange. This was partly due to the fact that my technical skills and means where rather limited, but also my style seemed to confuse people. Fortunately my music did seem to have quite an effect on some listeners and me all the same. My songs may have sounded strange and unprofessional, but they partly already told stories and had meaningfull arrangements, which I found the most important. All the rest was and actually still is just surfacial for me.
So back in the day I decided, even though they weren't professional, to put all my songs on an album and simply call it "unprofassional" with an "a" instead of an "e" meaning that the album is weather professional nor faishonal.