Album: Gfuehlsweid

release text

For three years Subconsciousmind worked on his second album "Gfühlsweid" which translates "meadow of feelings". The result is an exceptional album, that takes the listener to a fantastic trip to himself.

If you let it happen, this album gives you the chance to a extraordinary musical experience, that leads you into forgotten, hidden corners of your soul and into an encounter with your own inner world. It's music that wants to fulfill it's purpose independent from styles and categories: to give supporting help in the human's examination of himself and his feelings.

Subconsciousmind combines a strong and solid bass- and beatfoundation with beautiful, unintrusive melodies and sophisticated, interwoven, nested and partially wonderfully simple sounds. The whole album touches with it's singular game between tenderness and strength, reticence and intensity, the silent turning to inner spaces and an overwhelming, sparkling love of life.