Do you know it when you have feeling inside you, but you don't know what to do with it? When something is bothering you deep inside and you don't know what it is? Or you are stuck in a certain emotional state and can't go on but you don't know why?

Well, I know this very well. And when this happens I write music which helps me. Music to support me with inner processes. Music that helps me to go deep inside me and resolves my inner struggles.

But, it is not always easy. Some things are hidden deep inside us for a reason, and when my music starts digging them out it can be very unsettling and uncomfortable. So my music is nothing for people who like to keep things untouched. Sometimes I wonder why? Why wouldn't anyone want to clean up? Maybe because they don't want it to happen at this time, are afraid or do not trust the music enough to let it go this deep inside them. Anyway, this music is for people with open hearts, for people interested in confrontation with themselves, for people willing to see things they didn't expect.


My music is probably very personal and open. You can find out a lot about me through my music. And just as it is possible to get to know yourself through the encounter with other people you can get to know yourself with the encounter with my music.

I write this whole website in the "I" form because I find it important to keep it all personal.